KILELE Challenge

Annual KILELE Mt. Kenya Survivors & Caregivers Climb. 

Through the KILELE Challenge, we address the FOUR Pillars used to measure Quality of Life in Survivorship - Physical, Mental, Social and Financial Wellness.

We equip survivors and caregivers with knowledge, skills and tools that help transition to the new life of living beyond cancer; building resilience to pick up the pieces and pursue optimal quality of life after treatment.

Impact so Far:

  • 2 Mt. Kenya Climb [2020 + 2021]
  • 1 Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb [2022]
  • 30+ Preparatory Hikes


  • Improved quality of life including better sleeping habits and weight management. 
  • Raising voices for advocacy through community engagement.
  • We are proving to the world that cancer is not a death sentence.

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KILELE health, a life beyond limits