The DEPCASS program is designed to help participants increase mental & emotional resilience, enhance their self awareness and self care, improve knowledge and skills of advocacy, counselling,  and ultimately improve quality of life as well as reintegration in the community.

DePCASS is an Acronym - Develop and Equip Persons living with NCDS and caregivers with advocacy skills for sustainability

    • Community Awareness through use of personal story telling
    • Advocacy training
    • Vocational training as a return-to-work strategy for successful reintegration

3 Story Telling for Impact Workshops
210 Community Champions Trained
7 Support Groups formed [30 members each group]


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Our Activities

Women in Africa face significant health disparities, inequities and challenges,
cervical cancer need not be one of them!

Screening Activities at the Community  

Engage communities through Access Programs

Cancer Screening at communities

Awareness and Education to prevent



Niramai Device = 146 People Screened

Community Outreach for Awareness


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Conquering Cancer Movie

Educating communities through innovative ways

Screening at communities

Call to action to prevent



70 Survivors and Caregivers

170 KMTC Students

145 Virtually

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